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What is a lunch bag?

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Cooling bags rely on different types of insulation instead of the refrigerator. The freezer uses polystyrene foam to prevent heat transfer between the exterior and interior. Styrofoam is a high quality, lightweight and economical insulator. However, its biggest drawback is its sheer size and vulnerability. This needs to be surrounded by a protective hard shell, which increases the size and weight of the cooler.

In contrast, cooling bags rely on polyurethane foam and foil to prevent heat transfer. Polyurethane foams have the ability to form a strong heat exchange barrier and are much smaller than the thickness and volume of polystyrene foam. Our promotional refrigerated Insulated Lunch Bag Backpacks have a layer of polyurethane foam sandwiched between the outer layer of thick fabric and the inner layer of aluminum foil. These three layers together exhibit a thick layer of polystyrene foam and are thinner and lighter.

What are the cooling bag sizes?
Cooling bags come in a variety of sizes. Since refrigerated bags are flexible, they can be made larger in size and shape than rigid refrigerators. Our promotional refrigerated bags range is just large enough to hold a small lunch, a baby bottle or two or three beverage cans, large enough to hold 36-48 beverage cans or a full day of meals. Regardless of the task or event, we have promotional reefer bags of the right size.
We mainly produce cooler bag,cosmetic bag,shopping/tote bag,backpack,wholesale waterproof travel bag,produce bag which have been exporting to EU,US,South America and many other countries around the world.
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