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Neverwinter character can only have 3 active companions

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The Pilgrim Weapons of Module 13 come from the Cheap Neverwinter Zen Market and can instantly be bought. It also makes sense to look up the Auction House as players sell the weapon packages in case they don’t need them themselves. Pilgrim is basically the premium option of the current weapon tier with a very viable set bonus for DPS toons or solo play. Neverwinter Pioneer is the starter kit of the new weapon tier. It can be obtained in the campaign store for a reasonable amount of the new campaign currency. It has the weakest of all set bonuses and only enhances certain stats based on your party size. Since weapon damage is the single most important component of the DPS formula however, this one should already outperform whatever older set you have.

Next, you will need to select the race of the character you want to play. A couple of good choices for the Great Weapon Fighter in Neverwinter are Half-Orcs and Dwarves. These races may give you a slight advantage just starting out with their stat boosts. However, as you level, you can easily mitigate any advantage you may have had through assigning leveling points, feat points, and magic items. So don’t worry too much about what stats the race gives you.

Another thing that’s getting a buff is the Instigator feat tree. You can look up all changes in the feedback thread, but Instigators basically turn into an interesting mobile DPS spec. Especially Nimble Runner could make for interesting synergies in groups. The feat now grants up to 40% bonus damage based on the GWFs movement speed. It’s a fresh approach that certainly sounds promising.

Each character can only have 3 active companions(unless you buy more active pet slots). Companions purchased or obtained will only appear on that character. If you have more companions than you have active slots, you may make a companion idle for free. You can then reactivate that companion should you have an active slot open up either by buying a new one or making another companion idle. Each character starts with 6 idle companion slots.

Life Steal is the red-headed step child of Neverwinter survival stats and the reason I think is because people start to play with it and realize that you need to stack copious amounts of it in order to net a reasonable gain. That is simply not very true. That and they see those little green numbers and they are like, well that’s lame. Truth be told Life Steal is possibly one of the most over powered defensive stats in this game.
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